temperature calibrator / multifunction / current / voltage
M140 Meatest spol. s r.o.



  • Measured physical value:

    temperature, multifunction, current, voltage, frequency, resistance, power, impedance

  • Applications:

    for temperature sensors, for electrical measuring instruments, ohmmeter, power meter

  • Options:

    laboratory, desk, 19" rack

  • Voltage:

    Min.: 0 V

    Max.: 1,000 V


35 ppm AC/DC multifunction calibrator for multimeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, temperature meters, transducers, regulators and many more. Built-in multimeter further increases user comfort by simultaneously reading and evaluating UUT output signals.
Multifunction calibrator M140 is calibrator – tester for use in calibration laboratories as an electrical standard of voltage, current, resistance, capacity and frequency. Load capacity of the voltage output is 30 mA - enough for most high-consumption analogue power-meters. Installed harmonic and non-harmonic shape signals allow for testing meter sensitivity to distorted signals by a signal with various crest factor. Frequency modes, suitable for calibration of multimeters and time bases of oscilloscopes, have adjustable 6-digit frequency, amplitude and duty ratio of the output signal. The calibrator can measure temperature with TC and RTD temperature sensors to show it on display or use for cold junction compensation.
Built-in multimeter - Tester
Internal multimeter with basic capability to measure VDC, IDC, R and F process signals is standard part of both M140 and M140i. Meter functions can run simultaneously with source functions to measure and evaluate output signals of various types of transducers as well as external sensors (strain gauge, pressure, torsion, strength, etc.).