Flow storage shelving

Racking for live picking is made up of slightly inclined platforms of wheels and roller, which guarantee an optimal entry and exit of goods. The goods are fed in and slide down by the force of gravity to the other end which leads to the exit aisle. The goods slide down roller lanes, which guarantee perfect product turnover, prevent interference in the replenishment of stock, and increase the speed of order preparation. To speed up the collection of material, pick to light devices managed by Easy WMS software can be incorporated.

It is designed for areas in the warehouse with a large volume of picking as they increase the number of lines to prepare and remove the need for personnel to make unnecessary journeys when doing these operations.

FIFO System (the first box in is first box out).
Higher number of SKUs at the front of the racking.
Reduction in the time needed for order preparation.
Higher product capacity in the facility.


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