Shelving / drive-in pallet / for empty and full cartons / high-rise


  • Type:

    drive-in pallet

  • Product applications:

    for empty and full cartons

  • Other characteristics:



The Drive-in Pallet Racking uses the storage by collection principle and allows the maximum usage of accessible area with regards to the area and height, It is engineered for the storage of similar products and covers a high amount of pallets for every SKU. There are two managements systems that can be accessed such as the drive-in system with a single accessible aisle and the drive-through system with access to the load from two sides if the rack.

This system is often utilized in cold storage and needs an optimum usage of area for storing the products in a regulated temperature. Additionally, it offers highest profitability of the existing area up to 85%, elimination of aisles across the ranking and meticulous regulation of inlets and outlets.


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