Vertical storage carousel
Clasimat Basic MECALUX

Clasimat® Basic is a vertical carousel that can be used in numerous applications as it adapts to virtually any type of product (tires, rolled goods, garments, reels, boxes...). It has been proven to be highly useful in storing miscellaneous parts of different sizes, shapes and weight, or items which are hard to stack, arrange, access or handle. What is more, it represents a significant savings of space of over 70%.

Installing the system does not require a large storage surface area, while forklifts and specific loading equipment can be readily dispensed with. Nor are any ladders or additional loading tools required, thus removing any physical barriers.

The general structure is rather simple, consisting of two lateral frames with a guided vertical pull chain. The unit can likewise be adapted with product holding systems to make vertical rotation easier and streamline work station handling.


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