scanner for dental applications / laser / white light



  • Applications:

    for dental applications

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    white light


The 855 scanner are proposed with a software designed by Exocad®. The whole range is equipped with the SmartOptics technology with “structured white light by projection of fringes” allowing first to get a very short time of scanning and an increased accuracy – essential in implant industry – and also a better perception of the undercut milling areas.

They differ mainly by their level of equipments options and for the 850 Scan by the “real” monitoring of the articulators.

Dental CAM/CAD software including the Exocad® technology
The Crows & Bridges basis module is supplied in standard with all our scanners.

Main features :

• Automated and adjustable limits detection

• Extensive library of teeth shapes

• Step-by-step support

• All types of prostheses : Coping, anatomical Covering, Crown, CIV, inlay, onlay, facets, overpress technical, telescope, pillars of implants, bars, attachments,

• Minimally design or reduction in the scale
• Simultaneous construction of the upper and lower jaws

• Settings for connexions
• Occlusion monitoring with models in ICM, or single bit

• Virtual articulators

• Wax-up « in situ » and gum scan 

• Cut-back function and wax for virtual diagnosis

• Mirror function

• And always 100% open STL format