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Spin welder for plastic


Accurate indexing via programming or self-learning.
Simple and intuitive programming.
Recorded penetration curve displayed on a backlit LCD screen.
Pressure profile for each program controlled by a proportional valve.
Storage of 20 welding programs with instant recall of all parameters (unlimited storage with PC connection).
Three conventional welding modes to handle all your applications.
Strict production control via the display of 5 parameter measurements after each welding cycle (approach speed, time, elevation, penetration, power).
Full production traceability: all results can be downloaded to a printer or saved on a PC running Windows (Mecawin-R).
An 'info' window available on the MCR 4 gives, at the end of each welding cycle, the number of motor revolutions for the acceleration, welding and deceleration stages as well as the total


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