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Endevco® model 4830A is an intelligent device which electronically mimics the wide range of output signals from varying transducers. The device also provides output signals of tachometers, granting versatility and adaptability in a variety of servicing and calibrating requirements. The battery-driven device is extremely portable and easy to use.

The instrument is equipped with an 80-character LCD display unit which has menu-based operations. Desired parameters are set as per requirements via the display. It incorporates a control panel provided with four arrow-marked keys to control the cursor. It is switched on/off manually, besides which it features an automatic shutdown option. Before the automatic shutdown, the device auto-saves the last setting in its memory.

The device is powered by internally positioned NiCd batteries that are rechargeable via a conditioned power source of 9 VDC. A range of output signals can be obtained via the device. Types of outputs available are differential and single-ended outputs (pC), single ended voltage outputs in mV, a tachometer output (TTL) and Isotron® that is current sinking.


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