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The Endevco® model 4830A is a batteryoperated instrument that is used to electronically simulate a variety of outputs from various types of transducers. A tachometer output signal is also provided, making the model 4830A a convenient and portable means of calibrating and servicing instrumentation.

The model 4830A uses a menu-driven 80- character LCD display to establish the appropriate settings. The key panel contains only four sealed switches (per IP65) marked with arrows for cursor control. In addition to the manual on/off switch, the unit can be set for automatic power shutdown. The last setup is automatically stored in nonvolatile memory. Power is supplied by internally mounted NiCd rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged with a regulated 9 Vdc source.

Output signals available include single-ended and differential charge (pC), single-ended voltage (mV), current-sinking Isotron® and a tachometer (TTL) output signal. The frequency range is 1 to 10 000 Hz and the output amplitude is adjustable up to 10 000 pC or mV pk. Outputs can be provided in acceleration, velocity or displacement.


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