Telescopic extraction arm
1 000 - 1 300 m³/h | Tele 160 MENEGON Sp. z o.o.

Tele 160 telescopic fume extraction arm has been designed for work in small, confined spaces especially with low ceilings. Tele 160 extraction arm is a unique construction which main principle is not to keep any internal mechanisms inside. The only device left inside is an air flow damper (no damper model available). Oskar telescoping arm is made of outside cast aluminium joints and two tubes which can move and rotate within each other. This product does not require any counter weight to work. Smooth tube design allows the lowest pressure drop as well as low noise levels. Construction of Tele 160 (like all other Oskar tube arms) means remarkable long product life time and simple maintenance. All adjustments on the outside allow for telescoping arm tension corrections without stopping air exhaust, contact with polluted air stream or fume arm interior.


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