Aseptic filler and capper / liquid
120 l | Acerta® Merck Millipore

The Acerta DS1 Dispensing System is a single-head liquid filling system with a pre-assembled, sterile disposable filling module. The Acerta DS1 system consists of a stainless steel base unit, hand-held interface, and the disposable filling module. This single-head system is ideal for use as a manual filling system, and is designed to fit in a biological safety cabinet. The system can also be integrated into a new or existing filling line. The design of the Acerta DS1 system offers complete product containment, ensuring product sterility and safety of personnel and making the system especially suited for cytotoxic and biohazardous fills. The unique design minimizes product hold-up volume at the end of the fill process. After the filling campaign is complete, the disposable module is easily removed and discarded in preparation for the next filling campaign.


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