quasi-continuous wave laser / solid-state / infrared / very high energy
JADE 2 merck



  • Operational mode:

    quasi-continuous wave

  • Technology :


  • Spectrum:


  • Other characteristics:

    very high energy, multimode, Nd:YLF, diode-pumped

  • Applications:

    for materials processing, pumping

  • Wavelength:

    527 nm

  • Power:

    36 W (0.049 hp)


Jade 2 is the latest generation of Nd with laser supplying more than 36 W at 527 nm, emitting a low full-mode beam with circular, uniform and smooth quasi Gaussian intensity distribution which makes Jade 2 ideal for extremely excellent efficiency in Ti:Sa amplifier. Regardless of pump power, THALES latest developments in diode pumping heads is renowned for their extremely excellent power stability. Jade 2 stands out as the cost effective leader in high repetition rate Nd:YLF lasers with diode laser lifetimes of thousands of hour. The in-line short cavity design induces laser compactness and easiness of alignment and maintenance.

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