natural gas monitoring system / concentration / measurement / mercury
Mercury Monitoring System MMS-NG Mercury Instruments



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    measurement, mercury, for natural gas

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, online, measuring system, multi-channel, continuous


Automatic and Continuous Operation
Fast and Reliable Results
Detects Elemental and Bound Mercury
Automatic Calibration
Sample Point Multiplexer
Sample Dilution for High Concentrations
No Carrier Gases Required
Certified for Hazardous Zones

Continuous Measurement of Mercury in Natural Gas
Mercury Instruments has engineered a system for automatic and continuous monitoring of mercury levels in natural gas and other flammable gases. We install the mercury analyzer (and accessories such as an automatic calibrator) in a pressurized enclosure that is approved for use even in hazardous zones (ATEX, IEC-Ex). A heated system takes the sample and guides it to the analyzer via stainless steel tubing that has been surface-treated for ultra-low adsorptivity. A built-in gas sensor will shut the system down and stop the sample gas flow if any leakage is detected.

Customized Solutions

Each mercury on-line system will differ in sample characteristics as well as installation conditions and operating environment. Therefore the need for a customized solution !

Mercury Instruments has the experience to design systems that fully meet the requirements of your particular mercury monitoring task.