TIG welder / mobile / high-performance / pulsed DC
Insquare series MERKLE Schweißanlagen-Technik



  • Technique:


  • Other characteristics:

    mobile, high-performance, pulsed DC, AC, three-phase, inverter

  • Current:

    Max.: 600 A

    Min.: 5 A


The TIG Inverter welding units offer professional performance all along the line. Five models, 320 A to 600 A, for DC and AC current fulfil even highest demands for industrial applications. Professionals are enthusiastic about the perfect technique and the easy operation of the Merkle Insquare welding units.

IGBT inverter power sources.
3-phase inverter with low primary current.
Stable arc in AC over the full range due to square wave or noise reduced wave.
Continous setting of the welding frequency in AC.
MMA/stick electrode welding.
Perfectly smoothed DC gives outstanding welding characteristics in TIG and electrode welding.
DC high frequency pulse for concentrated arc (see page 6).
Perfect arc ignition over the whole range due to separate ignition circuit.
A minimum of radiation caused by the HF-ignition unit.
Efficient cleaning in AC.