plasma cutting unit
C 82 MERKLE Schweißanlagen-Technik

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plasma cutting unit plasma cutting unit - C 82


  • Max. cutting thickness:

    Max.: 30 mm

    Min.: 0 mm

  • Cutting current:

    Max.: 80 A

    Min.: 20 A


Plasma cutting with compressed air is being used more every day as an alternative to acetylene cutting. All conductive metals, hardened or non-hardened steels, alloys, aluminium and its alloys, copper, brass, cast iron and titanium can be easily cut with plasma. Plasma cutters are used in various branches as steel construction, assembly works, repairs, automobile repairs etc. The success of plasma cutting is simply the plasma beam, an electric arc, which produces an extremely narrow and intensive arc, with limited heat. The arc temperature is approximately 13000°C. Under this intensive heat the work piece heats so quickly that lateral heat transfer is limited to aminimum. This heat concentration, combined with an applied energy of 106 W/cm2 provides rapid cutting and a small cut. Narrow cut width with high linear cutting speeds positively effects: