motorized welding positioner / rotary / linear
D52 series MERKLE Schweißanlagen-Technik



  • Type:


  • Orientation:

    rotary, linear


The series D 52/25 and D 52/70 are welding
positioners for welding with electrodes, MIG, MAG-
TIG, Plasma and Plasma cutting.
The two devices /25, /70 differ only in their RPM
range (see technical data)
The face plate has a diameter of 250 mm and can be
tilted to any angle within the 135° range.
As standard, the turntables come delivered with a
10mm spindle bore. The spindle bore can be used
when clamping long material in the chuck or jig, or
for routing supply lines for compressed air/cooling
fluid or for the supply of purging gas to the welding
job. The face plate centralising bore has a Dia of
50mm and is used for centralising jigs or chucks
when mounting to the face plate.