O-ring seal / circular / metal / flange
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Metal Textiles all-metal static flange ring gaskets create a secure seal under extremely low and high temperatures and in demanding corrosive environments. Metal Textiles static flange gaskets can provide:

Zero leakage at pressures of up to 2 Bar
Recovery after compression of 90%
Minimum sealing stress of 10N/mm2
Temperature resistance from -50° C to 800° C
Cross section from 4 mm to 8 mm
Inside diameters from 38 mm to 127 mm
Custom cross-sections and ID also available
Metal Textiles static ring gaskets are designed with a retention feature that ensures they remain in place during the assembly process. In addition, the grooved mating flanges protect the sealing element from overcompression and guarantee flange-to-flange contact.

Custom solutions to meet demanding sealing challenges
Metal Textiles can custom design a high-integrity yet cost-effective gasket sealing solution using a variety of different shapes and metal alloys to meet your specific requirementsbased on more than four decades of technical expertise in developing high-temperature spherical seals and gaskets to customers worldwide.