insulating sleeve / braided / for cables / polyester
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    for cables

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  • Diameter:

    Min.: 0 in

    Max.: 24 in


Metal Textiles Braided Sleeving and Rope products are ideal for applications requiring high temperature, flexibility or abrasion resistance in an environment requiring EMI /RFI shielding, insulation or protection. The diversity and versatility of our product line enables Metal Textiles to offer a wide range of materials and custom configurations to optimize shielding effectiveness and ensure EMC integrity and quality.
Braided Sleeving
Metal Textiles braided sleeving is ideal for applications requiring high temperature or abrasion protection, lubricity, extra strength or other critical applications. Materials include Polyester, Nylon, Fiberglass, Teflon®, Kevlar® and other manmade fibers.

Due to its unique construction, the sleeving fits easily over hoses and cables, yet provides a secure and snag-resistant cover. Our sleeving is extremely flexible, allowing for expansion and easy conformance to shapes and contours.

The braiding process creates a consistent wall thickness ensuring complete coverage and optimum performance. Sleeving can be custom designed to the specifications of a particular application.

Metal Textiles braided sleeving is used to insulate steam tracer lines in oil refineries, as thermal and electrical insulation for the wire and cable industry, for covering tines in metal refining, foundries and steel mills, and wherever else shielding, insulation or protection is required.