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For peak output performance from a compressor, blower, engine, or vacuum pump, air must be able to flow unrestricted. Selection of the proper media must be considered as it impacts the air velocity, and hence, the operating condition of the equipment. Metal Textiles designed and manufactured mesh separators provide long lasting performance, and high efficiencies in separating liquids from the air and gas stream by means of the three capture mechanisms of separation impaction, interception and diffusion.

Due to our unique ability to manufacture products from a wide range of ferrous and non- ferrous metals, plastics and composites, Metal Textiles separators can be found in equipment designed for use in highly corrosive, and high temperature environments that require cost-effective process efficiency, low pressure drop, long service life, and peak performance. Knitted mesh separators are designed to handle all specific CFM of a compressor and can be made using a broad range of materials, sizes, densities and shapes allowing immediate changes in key performance criteria to match your process.

Metal Textiles separators, manufactured from knitted wire have high surface area and its series of interlocking loops provides sufficient flexibility and structural support. In addition, wire mesh can provide the lowest cost solution, especially when installed inside compressors that are sized for other process considerations.