profiled seal / copper / EMI shielding / conductive fabric over foam
1 GHz Metal Textiles Europe



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  • .application:

    EMI shielding

  • Other characteristics:

    conductive fabric over foam


When your designs require EMI gaskets that exhibit high attenuation and low closure force, Metex Conductive Fabric gaskets are an ideal choice.

By combining a soft core with conductive fabrics, we have created a gasket that will provide >65 dB attenuation at 1 GHz, and compression loads under 4 lbs. per inch at 25% deflection. Low compression forces allow for lighter, less expensive enclosure designs.

Conductive Fabric gaskets are the ideal gaskets to use with conductive coatings that can be scratched or damaged by other more abrasive gasket materials. The conductive fabrics available include abrasion-resistant copper and nickel.