silicone adhesive / for metal / single-component / electrically-conductive
Metal Textiles Europe



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    for metal

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Metal Textiles Conductive Silicone Adhesive is an RTV silicone, loaded with electrically conductive metallic particles. A variety of conductive filler materials are available to suit a variety of bonding and sealing applications. Depending upon how it is used, it can function as a shielding adhesive or conducting adhesive.

Metal Textiles conductive adhesive is easy to apply, has an extremely high bond strength, provides superior shielding performance and is available in custom formulations to meet special requirements and applications.

Conductive Silicone Adhesive is available in standard metal tube or cartridge containers of 1.0 fluid oz., 2.5 fluid oz., or 10.3 fluid oz. sizes. Clean surfaces using acetone, MEK, xylene, or isopropyl alcohol. Shelf life of unopened containers is one year from date of shipment, provided that materials are stored dry, below 23°C. Consult the factory if a pure silver filler adhesive with a volume resistivity of .005 is required.