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Metal Textiles OPTI-PACK!" knitted wire mesh Structured Tower Packing is designed to overcome many of the shortcomings of other devices. The packing consists of multiple strands of very fine wire, typically 0.00045 diameter, knitted together to form a 2-ply layer of flat mesh. The flat mesh is corrugated, or crimped to give it a uniform, 3-dimensional structure of peaks and valleys. These peaks and valleys provide a path through which vapor can readily flow, both radially and axially.

The multistrand fine wire generates high surface area (typically 500 ft2 to 800 ft2 per ft3) and a capillary effect on the descending liquids to promote good liquid distribution, residence time and thin-film development.

The resiliency of the fine wire that ensures that the packing will conform to vessel anomalies between the wall and the internals. These gaps often lead lead to vapor bypassing that keeps your unit from realizing its design performance.