O-ring seal / metal / exhaust / compression
Metal Textiles Europe



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    exhaust, compression

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Metal Textiles knitted wire mesh exhaust seals and exhaust gaskets provide resiliency, strength in compression, and a nearly unlimited choice of materials, constructions, or shapes for specific applications. Most important, they provide superior performance in hostile environments where other materials would fail as a result of decomposition or deformation.

Knitted mesh exhaust seals have no seams or ribsnormally the weak areas of any sealso that when used in gasketing and sealing applications, they provide high-strength uniformity throughout the sealing area. Unlike woven or braided materials, knitted mesh consists of a continuous series of interlocking loops knitted in a tubular form, allowing two-dimensional movement in the plane of the mesh. This results in unusual flexibility and resiliency, even under heavy compression loads and exposure to extreme temperatures.

Due to its inherent resiliency and strength in compression, knitted wire mesh also yields to applied forceyet recovers to nearly its original shape when the force is removed.