pneumatic cylinder / compact / guided / anodized aluminum



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, guided, anodized aluminum

  • Stroke :

    Min.: 20 mm

    Max.: 200 mm


The CMPGK is a functional, sturdy guided compact cylinder with a built-in guide unit. The piston rod guide bushings are mounted directly in the anodised aluminium alloy cylinder liner. Two different types of guides can be mounted as required: sintered bronze bushings coupled with chromed and ground carbon steel piston rods, or ball recirculation bushings with chromed and ground hardened steel piston rods. Grooves are provided on one side of the body to accommodate retractable sensors. Currently available is either a non-cushioned version with the end-of-stroke stop cushioned by NBR front gaskets, or a cushioned one with pins that can be adjusted to regulate progressive braking. The front plate features the typical V-lock dovetail with grooves and
holes. V-Lock fixing elements can be fitted to the main body on any of the three surfaces identified as UP, SIDE and DOWN. The chosen surface has a grid of threaded holes and pinholes with one or two V-Lock plates, depending on the stroke. The plates are mounted in a preset position, but they can be moved on the grid as required

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