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Futura HD Brattpan 150 Litre Metos



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Metos Futura HD 150L BrattPan

The Metos Futura HD 150L frying pan is designed for frying and cooking
in large capacity kitchens and is a good choice for demanding use. Two
sturdy legs make the pan stable; and motorised tilting, easy cleaning
and good safety features make the pan very easy to use.

The Metos Futura HD 150 L frying pan has two frying sections with an
adjustable temperature of 50 °C... 250°C. The aluminium core is
surrounded by heating elements enabling quick heating of the pan. The
frying area is 0.59 m² and its depth is 273 mm. Three GN1/1 dishes may
be placed on the bottom of the frying pan. Double walls ensure good

The frying pan is equipped with motorised tilting. The tilting function
cannot be used when the lid is on, or when the pan is being filled with
water The tilt angle for emptying the pan is 70° and the largest tilt
angle is 90° The distance between the pan's pouring spout and the floor
is 550 mm (with a tilt angle of 68°).

- water filling tap
- temperature of the two frying sections can be adjusted individually
- balanced and insulated cover
- continuous and seamless stainless steel frying surface
- stainless steel structure
- elevated control panel in the right foot