Automatic titration system / with automatic sample changer
MATi 13 - Permanganate index Metrohm


  • Options:

    automatic, with automatic sample changer


Controlled by the titration software tiamo ™, the fully automated Metrohm Automated Titration system determines permanganate index based from DIN EN ISO 8467.

This systems includes 1 x 814 USB Sample Processor and 1 x 907 Titrando with 1 x 801 Magnetic stirrer, plus 1 x 786 Swing Head with 3 x 800 Dosino. It has a 25 mL transfer tubing with 6.9915.078 holder and 6.9915.079 transfer tubing 25 mL with 2 x M8 to 6.9915.078 but the external titration vessel's thermostat is ordered separately.

Its rack holds up to 24 samples that can be processed in a series which are afterwards poured into the external titration cell. These samples are later on analyzed in accordance with the DIN standard. The sampler changer is equipped with built-in membrane pumps that thoroughly cleans the external titration cell after titration.


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