acid-base titration system / automatic / with automatic sample changer
MATi 06 - Automatic titration of acids and Metrohm



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    acid-base, automatic, with automatic sample changer


The MATi Systems (Metrohm Automated Titration Systems) is a completely automated system used for potentiometric titration of acids and bases in a maximum series of 12 samples. The titration is operated directly into the beaker on the rack, then the electrode is automatically cleaned along with the emptied beakers through the membrane pumps of the Sample Processor. The user-friendly Tiamo™ titration software, on the other hand, manages the system.

The system is composed of various parts which includes stirrer (1 x 802), iConnect (1 x 854), USB Sample Processor (1 x 814), Titrando (1 x 905), and Dosino (1 x 800).