liquid sampler / automatic
864 Robotic Balance Sample Processor TAN/TBN Metrohm



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The 864 Robotic Balance Sample Processor TAN/TBN is a self-operating machine that performs both efficient sample preparation and analysis of petrochemical products. This whole system comes with Robotic Balance Sample Processor XL, Titrando, Dosino, Dosino, Swing Head, Swing Head strengthened, Stirrer and a Pump Station (Peristaltic). This two-in-one automated machine increases both the accuracy and time efficiency of the result of the sample being tested. With its proven technology Robotic USB Sample processor, the system is fully automated and it can work alone without human intervention. Uncertainty and contamination in the result of analysis is lessened and prevented because the machine will do the transferring, diluting and measuring of the sample without any human interference.