ion chromatograph / laboratory / UV / UV/VIS
940 Professional IC Vario Metrohm



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    UV, UV/VIS


The New 940 Professional IC Vario provides superior performance ion chromatography system that are used in research applications as well as for routine use. The 940 Professional IC Vario is Metrohm's is the most versatile IC system that has been developed. The totally modular design of the 940 Professional IC Vario allows for unlimited configuration possibilities and it also meets even the most difficult analytical requirements.

Choose from a complete set of accessories and components, users will have a complete set of possibilities to create an IC system that meets the needs your specific requirements. There are manifold options, sequential , suppression, chemical or no suppression detection, conductivity UV/VIS, high pressure, low-pressure, amperometry Gradients: low-pressure, Dose-in Separation: capacity, columns of any base material, selectivity and dimension. The 940 Professional IC Vario system is extendable and upgradable.