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NIRS XDS SmartProbe Metrohm



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  • Field:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 400 nm

    Max.: 2,500 nm


The Metrohm NIRS XDS SmartProbe Analyzer – 2 m Fiber is derived out of XDS infrared ( NIR) technology. The NIRS XDS SmartProbe analyzer offers the latest series of application-precise NIR systems for speed, non-disastrous evaluation of liquid and solid chemical and pharmaceutical formulations.

By using the NIRS XDS SmartProbe analyzer you could replace regular tests, speed up the manufacturing procedure and literally eradicate quarantine time. The XDS NIR technology ensures easy usage and smooth procedure transfer without any sample preparation or wastage. It is a reliable analyzer for industrial and warehouse functions.

The NIRS XDS SmartProbe analyzer isa network compatible analyzer used for central database management.