process analyzer / for titration / pH / for wet measurement
202X Series Metrohm



  • Measured value:

    for titration, pH

  • Other characteristics:

    for wet measurement, process, photometric


The 2026 Titrolyzer and 2029 Process Photometer are integrated solutions for 24/7 online analysis of critical chemical parameters in industrial processes and wastewater streams. Each single-method system is available in several application-specific configurations for monitoring up to 2 process streams.

Three basic configurations for titrimetric/ISE, pH, or photometric measurements
The 202X Process Analyzer family comes in three basic configurations, covering several market needs. The 2026 Titrolyzer is suitable for titrimetric, ion selective, or pH measurements. The 2029 Process Photometer performs photometric absorption measurements in the visible light range. A 7” full-color touchscreen shows trend graphs and allows easy access to your data. These process analyzers are especially suitable for analysis in the chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor, food and beverage, potable water, and environmental branches.

Customized for your application
Metrohm Process Analytics can offer process analyzers which are configured for each specific application challenge. Sample dilution, extra reagents, or even another sample stream can be added with the addition of peristaltic pumps in the modular wet part.

Robust design (IP66)
Strict separation of wet part and electronics ensures safe operation in harsh environments. The electronics part is housed within non-corrosive polyester-coated stainless steel. With an Ingress Protection rating 66, the analyzer is guaranteed to be dust and water-tight.