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916 Ti-Touch series Metrohm

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potentiometer titrator potentiometer titrator - 916 Ti-Touch series
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The Ti-Touch from Metrohm is a titrator that uses an integrated system and functions in just one unit. The plug-and-play design allows the titrator to start up and be used with ease. The touchscreen can start the unit up with one of 14 different methods. It only takes one touch to get the setup ready for use. The setup can also take in 100 samples at a time. Any incorrect results that show will be reported and fixed as needed.

All components are measured and checked-up on in real time. The data that is recorded will be printed and saved without having to use a PC USB interface for a printer, barcode reader or other common connection. It has direct intranet access and will link directly to an LIMS or intranet. PDF reports are also generated in real time and can be saved and printed for later use.