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MATi-11 Metrohm

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automated titrator / Karl Fischer automated titrator / Karl Fischer - MATi-11


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Volumetric Karl Fischer water content determination in this fully automated system is possible for 53 samples. Control of the device ensured through tiamo and a range of accessories including 815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL and a 901 Titrando. Careful handling of samples right from the time they are weighed out into the beakers, sealed for protection against humidity and placed on the rack. A defined volume of KG reagent is added before the actual titration process and then the sample is pulverized with Polytron. Titration of the water content is done afterwards. Pulverization of samples are done within a very short time and then the contained water is released. All samples irrespective of their volume of solubility can be easily analyzed. Hence, there is no need of solubility promoters. The system consists of a range of accessories including one 815 USB Sample Processor XL, 901 Titrando, Polytron.