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3D scanner / surface inspection / measurement / CMM
TrackScan Metronor AS



  • Number of axes:


  • Applications:

    surface inspection, measurement, CMM, for small parts, for surface inspection, for 3D printing, for quality control, for measuring, for measuring arm, for contact and non-contact measurements, for pipe inspection, for large products, for pipes

  • Other characteristics:

    handheld, optical, high-resolution, high-speed, portable, inspection, hand-held, for production lines, non-contact, high-precision, large-format


• No stickers – just aim and scan
• Large measurement volume
• Scans fragile objects and surfaces
• Easy to use, minimal training cost
• Portable CMM functionality

Imagine a new level of scanning performance and convenience – portable and large-volume, fast and sticker-free, easy-to-use yet highly accurate. That is TrackScan. Simply aim the navigation camera at the object and start capturing data in full freedom of scanner orientation. No stickers, no preparation, just results – in minimal time.

Whether you work in automotive, aerospace, machining, 3D Printing or education & research, TrackScan can boost your production process time and effectiveness.

Metronor Trackscan comes in two variations: TrackScan SOLO and TrackScan DUO.

And for the more demanding customers, it is possible to maximize your return-on-investment by having your system double as a state-of-the art, portable, large-volume precision CMM. By upgrading your TrackScan system to a SOLO or a DUO with a probing package and CMM software, it can provide portable measurement up to 0.025mm accuracy.