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    air, centrifugal, gravity, cyclone

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Metso has several patents in air classifier separation technology based on 75 years of application engineering and practical experience.
Dry processing of manufactured asphalt and concrete sands

Dry classifying uses no water, providing a very environmentally friendly and economical classifying solution. Metso air classifiers provide a full system solution with an alternative to wet classifying.

Metso has an extensive range of air classifiers and solutions :

Static solutions: Gravitational classifiers, Gravitational inertial classifiers, Centrifugal classifiers, Cyclonic classifiers, Transportable classifiers

Ancillary air solutions:Cyclones, Fabric filters, Gyrotors

Process description
Static solutions are designed to achieve extremely accurate separations even though they contain no moving elements within the air stream. This is achieved through the classifiers intelligent airflow design and use of recirculating, secondary airflow.
Ancillary air solutions provide the systems required for the correct operation of the classifier equipment, as well as, offering other dry solution capabilities.

Construction: Asphalt and sand, concrete sand, mineral filler
Mining: Dry grinding, arid zone mining

Industrial minerals: Silicates, graphite, glass, ceramics, sales, talc, chalk, gypsum, fly ash, cement, soda ash, fertilizer