rubber cutting machine / die / profile / cable
Variocut Series Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH



  • Material:

    for rubber

  • Technology:


  • Product handled:

    profile, cable

  • Control type:


  • Applications:

    for plastic pipes

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, high-performance, electric, universal, for wires

  • Tube diameter:

    30 mm


The Variocut Series is manufactured by Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH. This series of cutter is designed to provide automatic cut-to-length of a wide array of materials. It can cut materials such as tubes, plastic pipes, lace, seals, films, labels, cables, braids and wires.

The Variocut cutting machine provides precise outputs with good cut quality and high working speeds. It is available in three different cutting types, namely die cut, shear cut and tube cut. In addition, the Variocut is featured with pneumatic raising and lowering of the upper belt, with adjustable closing pressure and cutting width of up to 100 mm.

As standard, any Variocut machine is equipped with PLC controls and stepper motors, which provides exact positioning and variable speeds.

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