LED illuminator / infrared / ultraviolet / visible
66088-LED50 MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics



  • Illumination technology:


  • Spectrum:

    infrared, visible, ultraviolet

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, adjustable

  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 420 nm

    Max.: 780 nm

  • Output power:

    40 W (0.05438 hp)


The 66088-LED50 is a high intensity visible light source. Its 50 W white light LED allows it to emit exclusively visible light, omitting ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths, in a much more compact package than typical arc or Quartz Tungsten Halogen (QTH) lamps. Additional benefits to traditional arc or QTH light sources include a much more energy efficient operation and a much longer lifetime, with a typical 30,000 hour operation time. This light source can be used as a simple plug and play, standalone device by using the knobs on the front panel, or can be integrated into a fully automated system.

Light intensity can be controlled by the knob on the front panel, an external 0-5 VDC power supply, or with pulse width modulation from an external digital signal. The 66088-LED50 is ideal for fiber coupled applications. A liquid light guide should be used due to its high transmittance in the visible wavelength range. For coupling a light guide with Oriel’s 11 mm ferrule termination, contact your Newport Technical Sales Engineer for advice on optimum coupling. The adapter on the front of the light source is also adjustable, capable of fitting most existing light guides in a setup.

Please note that this model is not RoHS compliant, therefore it is not CE certified.