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X-ray camera / for microscopes / CCD / GigE
max. 33 Mpx | XDI-VHR2 series Micro Photonics


  • Spectrum:


  • Applications:

    for microscopes

  • Sensor:


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  • Other characteristics:



With an input area up to 250 x 125mm at 33 megapixel resolution image and a 31 micron pixel size, the VHR CCD cameras are routinely used for demanding imaging applications such as Nano/Micro CT, Phase Contrast Diffraction, and Enhanced and Coherent Diffraction.

The VHR2 series cameras are Plug & Play GigE or Camera Link interface CCD arrays. The three CCD's are multiplexed in order to deliver a seamlessly stitched image at the user interface in 1.1 second with the option of further processing such as auto flat field and offset correction.

Geometries with 375 x 83mm, or 166 x 125mm up to 250 x 83mm are available for tiled CT reconstruction.
Acquisition routines include expose while read out enables to achieve 100% duty cycle for continuous sample rotation / CT.
Resolution up to 48 megapixels can be achieved with three 16 megapixel sensors, including customized scintillators for optimum resolution and energy operation.


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