type 2 surge protection unit / with housing / low-voltage
PD110 Micro Sensor Co.,Ltd



  • Type:

    type 2

  • Other characteristics:

    with housing, low-voltage

  • Voltage:

    24 V


most challenging situations and rugged environments in long time. It can be used in data system electrical equipment by connecting with twisted-pair wire, to prevent permanent damage or momentary pause caused by response voltage, over current and other instantaneous surge voltage because of the thunder or industrial noise. The product is convenient to wiring and easy for maintenance.

1. Multiple protections
2. Extremely low residual voltage
3. Good transmission
4. Quick response
5. High durability

1. Operation voltage: 24V
2. Transmitting rate: 200k bit/s
3. Interface type: wiring terminal

Operation environment:
1. Operation temperature: -25~70C
2. Storage temperature: -40~85C
3. Relative humidity: ≤95%
4. Operate inside or places with no rain, no snow