wireless receiver module / ZigBee / remote control
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  • Type:

    wireless, ZigBee

  • Applications:

    remote control


MS600 Zigbee wireless transmission module contains two parts: router and receiver module, building up sensor net with MPM6861Z wireless pressure transmitter. The router module is designed to collect data and transmit them remotely of MPM6861Z wireless pressure transmitter, while the receiver module operates to receive the data mentioned above.

1. Operation voltage: 5VDC
2. Operation current: 300mA
3. Rate: 3W
4. Transmission distant: 1000m
5. Operation frequency band: 2.4GHz, GFSK frequency modulation
6. Communication rate: 1200, 2400, 4800,9600,19200 bps
7. Operation temperature: -30 ~60C
8. Humidity: 90%
9. IP67 protection

1. RS232, RS45,USB communication interface optional
2. IP68 protection optional
3. Intrinsic safe version

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