absolute pressure sensor / piezoresistive / O-ring / stainless steel
MPM270 Micro Sensor Co.,Ltd



  • Pressure type:


  • Technology:


  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel

  • Process temperature:

    Min.: -40 °C (-40 °F)

    Max.: 125 °C (257 °F)

  • Pressure range:

    20 bar (290.08 psi)

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

    Max.: 20 bar (290.08 psi)


1. Excellent Stability, high accuracy
2. International Famous chips with excellent stability and high
accuracy; Laser trimming
3. Pressure Range 0kPa~100kPa…2MPa
4. Constant current power supply
5. Isolated construction, enable to measure various media
6. Φ19mm standard OEM pressure sensor
7. Full stainless steel 316L

MPM270 high stable and high accurate piezoresistive sensor uses the specified die which is of excellent stability and high accuracy. And well processed with optimizing assembly technology, it is able to provide users a pressure sensor element with high stability, superior performance and good repeatability. It adopts the same shape, mounting dimensions and sealing method as that of our other similar products, so it is highly interchangeable. MPM270 is widely used for pressure measurement of media that is compatible with stainless steel and EPDM rubber.

Electric Performance
1. Power supply: ≤2.0mA DC; ≤10V DC
2. Electric connection: 100mm silicon rubber flexible wires
3. Common mode voltage output: 50% of input (typ.)
4. Input impedance: 2kΩ~8kΩ
5. Output impedance: 3.5kΩ~6kΩ

Construction Specification:
1. Diaphragm: stainless steel 316L
2. Housing: stainless steel 316L
3. Pin: Kovar or silicon rubber flexible wires
4. O-ring: EPDM rubber

Environment Condition
1. Position effect: deviate 90° from any orientation, zero change ≤±0.05%FS
2. Shock: no change at 10gRMS, (20~2000)Hz
3. Impact: 100g, 11ms

Basic Condition
1. Media temperature: (35±1) ℃
2. Environment temperature: (35±1) ℃
3. Shock: 0.1g (1m/s2 )Max
4. Humidity: (50%±10%) RH
5. Local air pressure: (86~106)kPa
6. Power supply: (1.5±0.0015)mADC