vibration monitoring system / impact / condition / seismic
Recovib Mimd 01 Micromega-Dynamics - Recovib



  • Type:

    level, temperature, impact, condition, power, force, speed, flow, oxygen, concentration, motion, pressure, corrosion, humidity, seismic, voltage, load, density, position, pH, vibration

  • Applications:

    environmental, measurement, for machines, pipe, for compressors, process, construction, for temperature sensors, for storage tanks, gas, for safety, air, for wind turbines, transporter band, bearing, for pumps, water, for clean rooms, device, diagnostic, for bearings, for medical applications, for indoor air quality

  • Other characteristics:

    digital I/O, continuous, real-time, wireless, Ethernet, automatic, control system, measuring system, multi-channel, with visualization system, data acquisition, low-frequency, analog I/O


Field Deployable Modular Industrial Monitoring Device

Motherboard with local signal processing capabilities and 100/10 Ethernet port
Range of input front-end modules to accommodate diverse types of sensor
Range of alternate communication modules
Low power fan less operation
Compact and rugged design for use in harsh environments
-40°C to +75°C operating temperature range
IP 65 enclosure

Field Measurement Campaigns
Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
Vibration diagnostic
LAN Connection to a PC running the RECOVIB Suite for data processing, logging, visualization and analysis
Possible TCP/IP connection to MATLAB (requires the ICT or DSP toolbox)

Thanks to an embedded cloud client, MIMD-01 device can be deployed in the field for the reliable monitoring of your assets.
From one to many devices in the field
Can be in remote locations, where physical access is difficult.
Overcome intermittent, slow, or expensive network connectivity.
Deliver scale, security, and reliability.
Remote configuration and updates