linear displacement sensor / non-contact / fiber optic / with fiber Bragg grating
os1200 Micron Optics



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  • Contact / non-contact:


  • Technology:

    fiber optic, with fiber Bragg grating

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The os1200 Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Array is designed for use in fiber optic sensing applications.
It is a six meter long polyimide coated optical fiber with five FBGs spaced at one meter intervals.
Fiber Bragg gratings are the fundamental elements upon which most fiber optic sensors are based. An FBG is an invisible reflector inside the core of the fiber that is set to a specific wavelength of light. When the fiber where an FBG is located is exposed to strain or temperature, the FBGs center wavelength shifts to a higher or lower wavelength. The direction and magnitude of the shift is proportional to the change in strain or temperature. Each os1200 is built with five FBGs at standard center wavelengths.