linear displacement sensor / non-contact / fiber optic / with fiber Bragg grating
os5100 Micron Optics



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  • Contact / non-contact:


  • Technology:

    fiber optic, with fiber Bragg grating

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Based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology, the os5100 is specifically designed to measure displacement between two gage points on a specimen surface. The gage design is flexible enough to allow for easy attachment to various substrates, making measurements on metal, concrete and other surfaces straightforward. The two FBG sensors that comprise the os5100 gage are located within the rugged hard-coat anodized aluminum enclosure which shields them from the elements and allows for installations in harsh environments.

This gage can be used alone or in series as a part of an FBG sensor array (which may include strain and temperature gages, accelerometers and other displacement gages). Cabling for such arrays is much less expensive and cumbersome than comparable electronic gage networks. Cables can be joined directly inside the enclosure, eliminating the need for separate junction boxes. The os5100 delivers the many advantages inherent to all FBG based sensors, including EMI immunity - something vibrating wire gages cannot offer.