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FFP-TF2 9000 Micron Optics

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tunable optical filter tunable optical filter - FFP-TF2 9000


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The Micron Optics FFP-TF2 9000 Fiber Fabry-Perot (FFP) tunable filter provides an unique
opportunity for the system designer to design-in just one tunable filter in an application previously
incorporating multiple filters. The Free Spectral Range (FSR) of this unique filter can be
as wide as 340nm allowing tunability from just one period of the frequency comb across the
entire telecom spectrum.
The key to the elegant design of the FFP tunable filter is the lensless fiber construction. There
are no collimating optics or lenses, thus the FFP tunable filter achieves high finesse and
maintains a low loss transmission profile. Micron Optics has eliminated the pitfalls of other
Fabry-Perot component technologies, including misalignment, environmental sensitivity, and
extraneous modes.