WDM optical filter / tunable
FFP-TF Micron Optics

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WDM optical filter / tunable WDM optical filter / tunable - FFP-TF


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The Micron Optics Fiber Fabry-Perot (FFP) Tunable Filter is a specialized filter based on the all-fiber Fabry-Perot etalon technology. The FFP tunable filter passes wavelengths that are equal to integer fractions of the cavity (etalon) length; all other wavelengths are attenuated according to the Airy function.
The key to the elegant design of the FFP tunable filter is the lensless fiber construction. There are no collimating optics or lenses, thus the FFP tunable filter achieves high finesse and maintains a low loss transmission profile. Micron Optics has eliminated the pitfalls of other Fabry-Perot component technologies, including misalignment, environmental sensitivity, and extraneous modes.

The all-fiber FFP tunable filter follows the Airy function so closely that engineers can design it into the opto-electronic systems with a high degree of confidence that it will provide results very close to the theoretical mathematical model. Low loss, high isolation, and accurate power or wavelength measurements are just a few of the characteristics resulting from an ideal Airy function.
Micron Optics has provided thousands of FFP tunable filters for a large variety of applications. For more than a decade, the Micron Optics Tunable Filter has proven its capabilities in WDM applications, and has satisfied the ever-increasing performance demands of the telecom market including Optical Network Monitoring, Signal Conditioning and Dynamic Networking and Transport. Additionally, the filter continually proves itself as the key enabling technology for Micron Optics line of world-class test instruments.