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si255 Micron Optics



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    fiber optic

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The si255 is an industrial grade fan-less optical sensing interrogator.
Featuring both static and dynamic full spectrum analysis, the si255 provides long-term, reliable and accurate measurements of nearly 1000 sensors on 16 parallel, 160 nm wide channels.
The si255 features an all new, high power, low noise, ultra wide swept wavelength laser with guaranteed absolute accuracy on every scan which is realized with Micron Optics patented Fiber Fabry-Perot filter and wavelength reference
The all new HYPERION platform, on which the si255 is based, features new and groundbreaking capabilities including high-performance on-board DSP and real-time FPGA processing. This enables rapid full-spectrum data acquisition and flexible
peak detect algorithms of Fiber Bragg Gratings
(FBG), Long Period FBGs and Fabry-Perot (FP) sensors with low-latency access to data for closed loop feedback applications