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Microcontroller for automotive applications
12 V | HVC 24xyB Micronas


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    for automotive applications


The Micronas HVC , a high-voltage controller family for use in automotive and industrial applications, features advanced integration for a compact and cost-effective system design.
Reducing the number of external components to a minimum, the products flexible peripherals allow direct controlling of brush-type and brushless electrical motors either by means of three fully integrated half-bridges or by controlling three external MOSFET half-bridges. The chip provides an ideal solution for smart actuator and smart sensor applications. Three fully integrated half-bridges allow to directly connect a BLDC motor without the need for external components. Various integrated digital and analog circuit units such as comparators with virtual star point reference or embedded amplifier allow users to minimize the number of external components.
Beside timers/counters, interrupt controller, multichannel A/D converter and enhanced PWMs, this family contains a voltage regulator for direct 12 V supply and a LIN physical layer interface. This makes the system lighter in weight and saves important space within the application.


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