Colored LED / right-angle / PCB
RA Series Microprecision Electronics


  • Spectrum:


  • Mounting:

    right-angle, PCB


The PCB mount LEDs consist of various types of RA series. The RA Series T1 with a right angle LED bar and the RA Series T1 Right Angle Bar 0.122" are both customized with a size of 3 mm. It is composed of a LED spacing that has a minimum size of 4.57mm. It have a bar length ranging from a maximum size of 152.4mm. It can be purchased together with 2 to 33 T1 LEDs in one assembly only. It consists of a bar that gives coherent alignment for the mounting of the LED. Both series are wave solderable and cleaned using chemicals. It is made of UL 94 V-O housing and bar materials. Other types are RA Series T1 Right Angle Bar 0.150", DRA/DRS Series T1 Right Angle Bar, TRA/TRS Series T1 Right Angle Bar, etc.


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