Metal-film resistor / radial-lead
WQ, WT Series Microprecision Electronics


  • Technology:


  • Mounting:


  • Resistance:

    Min.: 4.99 Ohm

    Max.: 121 kOhm

  • Power rating:

    0.3 W (0 hp)


Wilbrecht Ledco Incorporated manufactures resistors in metal foil that are geared to deliver exceptional performances within extremely constrained temperature co-efficients and tolerances to the resultant resistance. The resistor imparts high degrees of dependability and steadiness in operations.

The device provides an impressive ±2.5ppm/°C TCR rate at operating temperatures of - 55 to +125°C and 0.005% resistance tolerance. It displays a resistance change that is minimized to 0.2% over a period of 10,000 hours when exposed to its maximum working temperatures and voltage. The resistor incorporates a two-wire design, made of lead that serves to relieve stress and aids in delivering vibration-free performances in aeronautical and military installations. The resistor complies with QPL guidelines.

WQ and WT models are resistors that are designed for close resistance and are compliant with MIL-PRF-55182/RNC90 (R Level).


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