Metal-film resistor / radial-lead / high-accuracy
WN Series Microprecision Electronics


  • Technology:


  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Resistance:

    Min.: 1 Ohm

    Max.: 100000 Ohm


Wilbrecht ledco, inc' metal foil combatants are designed to dependably satisfy the most compact temperature coefficients and resistance tolerance along with prolonged solidity in highly dependable applications.

The metal foil resistors provide a TCR of ± 2.5 ppm/°C across the range - 55°C to +125°C and resistance tolerance up to 0.005%. Additionally, the combatants consists of below 0.2% resistance change across 10,000 hours at calculated temperatures and power.

The resistor's dual-sided wire lead structure alleviates electrical stresses and offers greater safety from tremors in military and aerospace operations.

Additionally, all products are designed as per the QPL grade. The WA and WB commercial class metal foil resistors present immense solidity for A/D orbits.


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